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About Brålanda

Brålanda is located 24 km north of Vänersborg in southern Dalsland. The society Brålanda emerged in the 1870s around the railway as it was then laid out. The railway connects Gothenburg with Oslo and Karlstad. The station was closed in the 1970s when the traffic decreased, but hopefully we will be able to see the train stopping again here. The urban area has 1400 inhabitants and together with the surrounding countryside the population is around 3,000.

Brålanda is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, the “Brålanda spirit” and has an active industry with many small businesses. These are active in various industries such as digging and transport, agriculture and processing, mechanical engineering and service operations. Here you will find several producers of renewable energy such as wind, hydro and biogas. The latter is used both for heating and vehicle fuel. A number of annual events take place in the village such as the Harvest Festival in September and the well known Land Parade in December. This parade was featured in the Guinness Book of Records in 2002 as the parade with the largest number of father Christmas.