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About Dalsland



Sweden in minature

Dalsland is bordered by Norway, Bohuslän and the greatest lake in Sweden, called Vänern, to the east. The area sometimes described as “Sweden in miniature”. In such an analogy Southern may represent the farming communities of Skåne and Västergötland. However, from Kroppefjäll and towards the north, “Central Sweden” starts with its small lakes and rolling terrain. Some parts of north can in fact with some imagination even be pictured as “Norrland”. Beautiful scenic routes and landscapes can be found all along the countryside with many attractions such as the aqueduct in Håverud, Dalsland Canal, giant potholes in Steneby etc.

What to do in Dalsland

Dalsland is the place to visit when you need to relax and want to enjoy the nature.
There are many wounderful places to go hiking, biking, motorbiking or just to stroll around.
If you want to runway from dry land, try  fishing with sportfishingdalsland, or a Boat tour with Vänervåg.
Have you experienced beaversafari or moosesafari? No? It’s about time then!

Activities for children

Do you wanna go for an adventure? How about long zip lines, horsebackriding, renting a canoe, jump on trampolines.

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