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About Brålanda Hotel & Hostel

About our History

It was originally built as a nursing home. The facility was purchased in 2004 by the property owner Ingvar Wilsson that started hostel activities named “Brålanda Hostel & Recreation”. Ingvar managed the hostel and invested in the refurbishment and renovation of rooms and ancillary rooms, including sauna and spa.

New ownership twice

A new group of owners took over the hostel in October 2012 and changed the name to “Brålanda Hostel & Conferences Ltd” to reflect a new focus. At the same time we joined the Swedish Tourist Association (STF). Since spring 2014 we have refurbished yet another number of rooms and services to increase the standards of the hotel and since then the business got its name “Brålanda Hotel & Hostel”. Since january 2016 we are no longer a part of STF. The owners were 12 entrepreneurs and businessmen living in and around Brålanda.

Since april 2017 is Thore Johansson, entrepreneur from Brålanda, the only owner.



We want to surprise our guests with excellent accommodation and services at a low price. The customer should feel that he / she gets a lot of value for money and therefore gladly returns as a guest.

We also aim to contribute to a positive development of the tourism, service and business in the region and add value to Brålanda.

Our location

The hotel & hostel is located in the centre of Brålanda, just south of the old railway station. The location can be found on our website. At a walking distance from the hotel & hostel you will find one grocery store, several dining options and an outdoor pool in the summer. Brålanda is also known for its many flea markets. Good bus connections are available in the hotel’s proximity.